LightMotif Stars

A lightweight platform-accelerated library for biological motif scanning using position weight matrices.

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Motif scanning with position weight matrices (also known as position-specific scoring matrices) is a robust method for identifying motifs of fixed length inside a biological sequence. They can be used to identify transcription factor binding sites in DNA, or protease cleavage site in polypeptides. Position weight matrices are often viewed as sequence logos:

The lightmotif library provides a Python module to run very efficient searches for a motif encoded in a position weight matrix. The position scanning combines several techniques to allow high-throughput processing of sequences:

  • Compile-time definition of alphabets and matrix dimensions.

  • Sequence symbol encoding for fast table look-ups, as implemented in HMMER or MEME

  • Striped sequence matrices to process several positions in parallel, inspired by Michael Farrar.

  • Vectorized matrix row look-up using permute instructions of AVX2.

This is the Python version, there is a Rust crate available as well.


Run pip install lightmotif in a shell to download the latest release and all its dependencies from PyPi, or have a look at the Installation page to find other ways to install the lightmotif Python package.



This library is provided under the open-source MIT license.

This project was developed by Martin Larralde during his PhD project at the European Molecular Biology Laboratory in the Zeller team.